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• 30+ Edge Servers

• Unblock Streaming •Services

 •Surge hosting URI

 •Up to 1 Gbps

 •600 GiB monthly traffic

Classic Pass
Classic Pass

Everything in Gold

• 1 TiB monthly traffic

• 40+ Edge Servers


Word Cloud Pass

Everything in Emerald

•IEPL Express Connect

• 1 TiB monthly traffic

• 80+ Edge Servers

•Nearest access in mainland China

•IPLC network

•Low latency for chinese users

 •2.5 TiB monthly traffic

Classic Pass

Everything in Platinum

• 1.2 TiB monthly traffic

• Up to 2 Gbps

•50+ Edge Servers


Classic Pass

Everything in Ruby

• 2 TiB monthly traffic

• 60+ Edge Servers


Team Pass

Everything in Emerald

• <30 team members

• 3 TiB monthly traffic

•Business Level Ticket

•Sent a ticket before you buy

Frequently asked question

Do you provide a refund?

No, We do not provide a refund if you used our service. Details, please check the Refund Policy.

Do you provide a Receipt?

Yes, We do provide a receipt if you need it, please submit a ticket on our panel or contact our email:[email protected].

What Server or service do you use?

Sorry, we cannot tell you this information.

Do you provide Bank transfer for payment?

Yes, We do provide it, but you need to submit a ticket.

Reliable. Infrastructure-Based. Extraordinary.

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